A thorough, practical review followed by a blueprint for profitable growth.


Business Development Consulting

If you want to unlock business growth but are hitting the wall you may need a more strategic approach to business development and sales. You might not have time for theory or classroom training, but would welcome a thorough, practical review followed by a blueprint for profitable growth

What we can do

It all begins with your end game or 3-5 year goals – let’s take a look at how you want your business to look in the future and work back from there. We believe that business development plans are all about focus and need to be aligned to your business strategy so we help you structure your short and medium term plans to ensure you hit the long term objectives


Our experience

30 years practical experience of business development, consultative selling and sales management. Establishment and strategic growth of new businesses in UK, Ireland and Asia including set up of an international operation as business owner and Enterprise Ireland client. Specifically we can help ensure you have the appropriate talent to deliver your strategy evidenced by our success in varying sectors.

Whats next

Outline your BD challenges to us. We’ll be delighted to listen and discuss the possible solutions to structure or fine tune your BD strategy and tactics.